Encounters 2018 – Day 1

DAY 1 – 27th August, 2018.

After a bright and early start and a long coach journey, we all made it to our beautiful new Encounters location: Dearne Valley! Once all the luggage had been loaded off the minibus and all mobile phones declared, our participants caught up on their busy summers whilst enjoying a lunch of Subway sandwiches in the site dining room.

The schedule of the day was as follows …

  • Orientation of the site, led by Kingswood Staff. A highlight of this was our participants seeing their unique accommodation for the weekend! This year we are all staying in eco-friendly “pods.”WhatsApp Image 2018-08-27 at 10.52.42 PM
  • An introduction to the Encounters 2018 camp team, and a fun game where participants found out who their facilitators for the week would be!
  • “Group Expectations” session in the conference centre. All participants together collaborated and came up with an official group charter …an agreement on how we would all behave to get the most out of camp.
  • Participators then split into their outdoor activity groups, and got their first taste of outdoor adventure activities: extreme rock climbing, high ropes course and ultimate crate stacks.DSC_9711
  • After a quick shower and change, we went to the conference centre for evening Jamatkhana ceremonies.
  • Dinner of lasagne and chips, with brownies and fruit for dessert!

After Jamatkhana we had the camp nightline activity. An outdoor activity led by Kingswood staff where participants developed communication, trust and support skills to navigate obstacles. We then indulged in some hot chocolate and cookies, before our final session called “passage of the day” where the participants had the opportunity to reflect on the day and bond with their facilitators before lights out.

Below are some quotes from Day 1 from the participants …

“The best first day of camp ever, I hope the rest of camp is like this.”


“Nightline was my favourite part …until we got soaked by the team! Can’t wait to get them back in the water fight.”



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