Encounters 2017 Day 4 – Global Community!

After beginning the day with morning prayers and guided meditation, we had breakfast and continued working on our projects in our groups. Today is presentation day so we are all working extra hard on our public speaking and communication skills and are excited about delivering our presentations this evening!

After finalising our project presentations, we had the opportunity to practice them in front of our facilitators and board members who gave us feedback and tips to include for our real presentations later on. This was really helpful and got the nerves out of our systems for tonight!

We were then lucky enough to have Farhan Mithani from the Aga Khan Academies come and talk to us about the work of the AKDN and the Academies across the world. It was really interesting to hear his experiences, and he inspired many of us to find out more about the work of the Academies and how we can get more involved.

We then got ready for our last outdoor activity and then the best part of camp: THE WATER FIGHT! Lots of fun, but we were all drenched afterwards! We then quickly got ready for dinner and evening prayers before adding the final touches to our presentations before show time! The presentations were a really fun way of showing all our ideas to the rest of camp and a lot of us conquered our fears of speaking in front of a crowd.

As this was the last night of camp, we had the opportunity to reflect on our entire camp experience during closing ceremony, to think about all the lessons we learnt, the new friends we made and our goals for the future. This was then followed by milk and cookies and our final POD session of camp.


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