Encounters 2017 Day 3 – local community!

This morning we all woke up early for Jamatkhana ceremonies, before participating in a guided meditation session to prepared us for the packed day ahead.

After breakfast, we had our first workshop of the day: an introduction to the Camp Project which will be the focus of our next two days at camp. This year the project is based on the needs of different groups within the Jamat and how we as the youth can respond to these needs using the strengths and skills we have. In our first workshop, we began by sharing our own stories demonstrating different skills and strengths we have developed and could use when responding to the needs of the Jamat.

We then embarked on our first outdoor activity. Some of us were crate-stacking – trying to build a tower of crates as high as we could go! Afterwards, we tucked into lunch before continuing with our project, this time choosing which needs from our shortlist we identified with the most and how we might respond to those needs. Some of these included helping the newly arrived murids integrate within our Jamat and enabling Ismaili youth from all over the world to become more connected with their faith.

After another outdoor activity, we freshened up before dinner and evening Jamatkhana ceremonies. We then had ‘Expressions night’ – a creative workshop where we had the opportunity to express ourselves in a variety ways including arts and crafts, a dance class, changing lyrics to a popular song and making our own stain glass windows!

Day 3 ended with a Neon disco, complete with a DJ, glow in the dark face paints and glow sticks and we all danced the night away before hot chocolate and cookies and our POD session to reflect on the days activities, before lights out.




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